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Thu 22 Jun 19:00 - Thu 20 Jul 19:00

Join Sunday Brunch wine expert / sommelier Raul Diaz and Roux Executive chef / teacher Toby Stuart for Suppermelier at Cactus Kitchens, a wine social supper club. At Suppermelier the food is chosen to match the wine, not the other way round. During the relaxed evening they'll uncork the secrets to matching superb wines with delicious food cooked by Toby. The knowledgeable duo will teach you to enjoy wine with confidence, discover how the texture and savour of wines changes in the company of food and why some wines work so well with certain flavours. This fun and informal evening includes a cookery demonstration.

If you've ever been crushed by a wine bore; glugged your way through an expensive bottle you loathed, or your drinking habits have become tediously predictable, then this event is for you.

The two amigos, friends since working together for the Roux family, (as well matched as Rioja and roast lamb) will show you how to pair grape with grub to best effect. Raul has the answers to all your vinicultural questions while Toby rustles up simple but sophisticated dishes packed with flavours to complement the wines. He'll also show you how to improvise fast-fix mid-week meals that do justice to any unfinished bottles. 

Toby and Raul know their Cabernet from their Cahors. Raul is one of London's leading wine educators with a passion for his subject. Toby, who travels the country working for Chez Roux, and teaches at The Michel Roux Jr Cookery School, has recently returned from an adventure-filled South American sabbatical with Argentine grilling legend, Francis Mallman. Look forward to an evening of good company and good fun sampling irresistible wines with seriously tasty dishes to match.
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