BERLIN Private Residence

Fri 21 Apr 19:00

Rødder Berlin invites you to social dining in our private apartment in Kreuzberg. You will get 5 servings + 2 snacks made of local and seasonal ingredients and a selection of good, natural wine by the glass and bottle. For this event, our two old chefs Christian and Jens who now run their own restaurant, Metier, in CPH will join the party and put their touch on the menu. On the wine side, we offer a nice selection of natural wines from RødderogVin and JAJA by glass and bottle.

The servings are a combination of individual and shared dishes. The meat and greens are from local and mainly biodynamic and organic producers.


Crispy pork balls, mayo 
Greens, smoked cheese, malt

Pulpo, potatoes, radishes  
Egg, chicken, wild herbs
Surprise from Metier
Hangar steak, sauce, greens
Ice cream, rhubarb, licorice

Bread from The Bread Station Berlin

We also offer a vegetarian option.

Price: 40 EUR

Drinks not included.

You can buy a selection of natural wines from 5 EUR per glass and 25 EUR per bottle. 


We make food with local ingredients and use free range meat, biodynamic greens and love natural wines. We have made pop up restaurants in mostly Copenhagen for the past 6 years. The food is rustic, simple and served in relaxing surroundings. The locations changes from old warehouses to parks, farms, private apartments or wherever we think would be a cool spot. 

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Private Residence

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