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Thu 14 Sep 19:30

This time i will have the greatest pleasure to collaborate with most wonderful chef Karoline Kristen, head of Flavamingo.
We will use OurBerlin finest local vodka in our formidable dishes.

MENU/PP 45€ (drinks excluded)

1.Oysters and Vodka (Interactive)

Oyster*, radish sorbet, pickled radish, vodka shot;
Oyster mushrooms, beetroot & buchu caviar, umami broth, seaweed, vodka compressed cucumber

2.Faux Gras

Mushroom and walnut pate, blackberry gel, micro greens, buckwheat crispbread, kasha, cape gooseberry preserve, shaved walnut, porcini dust

3.Carrot Lox and Salmon

Salt-baked carrot, edible stones, aquafaba aioli, rooibos and carrot caviar;
Smoked salmon*, charcoal tapioca crisp, potato pancake, pickled mustard seeds, gherkin, herbs

4. Layered Burnt Cauliflower

Vodka-macadamia cream, elderberry poached pears, toasted hazelnut crumble, crispy sage, vanilla drizzle, parsley oil 

5. Edible Landscape (Interactive)

Chocolate ganache, edible soil, meringue shards, malva pudding truffle, freeze-dried berries, micro greens, edible flowers


Join us as Poland meets South Africa on a culinary playground where vegetables will be transformed into edible artworks to tease, delight and surprise. 

With a little wizardry, you’ll be making your own caviar and conjuring up plant-based oysters with seashells collected from the southern-most tip of Africa. After enjoying some whimsical creations like feel-good ‘foie gras’ and silky carrot lox served on pebbles found along the Baltic Coast, you’ll finish off with another interactive, sensory experience creating an edible landscape with sweet treats including edible soil and flowers, and of course a touch of magic.

You can opt for a vegan menu or the seafood menu, where the same gourmet plant-based creations will be served alongside their ocean-based counterparts.


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