Mon 02 Oct 19:00

The secret of sourdough bread baking is rising out and being shared with the world. This event is INTERACTIVE and INFORMATIVE. Through taste, touch, sight, smell and discussion we will explore the fascinating microbiological processes that turns simple ingredients (flour, water, salt) into delicious and nutritious breads.

The focus of this workshop is all about SOURDOUGH BREAD.We will eat, talk and make naturally-risen breads using a wild sourdough culture and learn how to control, feed and proliferate our cultures and use them for more.

Participants go home with:

- knew knowledge and understanding of sourdough (starter, baking and results)

- a piece of my 150+year old Icelandic sourdough starter culture

- a self-prepared dough to bake at home for everyone else

- a full belly of tasty probiotic treats and drinks

Please bring your curious taste buds and a small jar for you starter. 
Spots are limited due to busy hands and elbows using the space

Bread baskets, zines, and other bacterial cultures for sale at the workshop.

Map of Dieffenbachstraße 68 10967 Berlin


Dieffenbachstraße 68

10967 Berlin

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