LONDON The Rose & Crown

Wed 08 Feb 18:00 - Sun 30 Apr 15:00

da ja chicken, who served what they call 'the best fried chicken in the UK', are taking over the kitchen at The Rose & Crown in Kentish Town. They use free-range chickens from Devon, with gluten-free coatings, and healthy oils, like groundnut oil, and then add their Asian flavours. Looking forward to trying this one!

We are da ja chicken and we serve the best FRIED CHICKEN in the UK.
Succulent, gluten free, free-range fried chicken with a delicious asian twist. Inspired by the best of street food from the East, the da ja secret recipe uses proudly British free-range chicken from Devon, the healthiest cooking oils and locally sourced ingredients to bring you fried chicken like you've never experienced it before.

Our Free Range Chickens
We pride ourselves in serving the most succulent and delicious chicken that has had the pleasure of your taste-buds. This starts with locally sourcing our ingredients ethically and ensuring our British chickens have had happy lives running in green paddocks with the sun on their brows combs down on the farms in Devon

Our Gluten Free Coatings
Our deliciously crunchy coating is plant based making it gluten-free, our secret mix allows the outside to be crispy and the chicken inside remains super moist and juicy.

Our Natural Oils
Forget about vegetable oil, we fry in premium healthy natural oils. The best and our favourite oil is Groundnut oil, which is cholesterol free & trans-fat free. Made from pink peanuts not miscellaneous ‘vegetables’. Forget about that sick queazy feeling you may normally get after having fried foods, you won't get that with the da ja experience because of the premium oils that we use. Another favourite is rapeseed oil which has many properties that rival Olive oil.

We have traded at various locations around London - Last Days of Shoreditch, Maltby St, Druid St, Camden Town Brewery, Geffrye Museum, POP Field/POP Brixton, Holi Festival of Colour, Vauxhall St Food Garden and the list goes on!

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