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Tue 04 Oct 17:30 - Mon 19 Dec 17:30

Yep - it's true. The Chambers of Flavour V1 machine is being overhauled, redesigned and recalibrated to propel London's bravest flavour adventurers into a new sequence of parallel dining realities. We're creating a longer, tastier and more fantastical flavourological adventure. This is quite simply, Gingerline's ultimate dining experience... Hungry yet? If so, read on.

Not experienced a multi-dimensional dining adventure before?

Be warned, the experience is not for the meek or the cautious of palette. The experience does involve eating a secret set menu and journey through unusual spaces and may include climbing, teensy bit of crawling and general moving through unusual spaces.

Tickets will be released at midday on Tuesday 2nd August.

Tuesday-Thursday: Every half hour from 5.30pm through until 8.30pm

Fridays: Every half hour from 5.30pm through until 9pm

Saturdays: Every half hour from 5pm through until 9pm.

Map of   London GB

To be revealed after purchase


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