LONDON Monograph

Fri 03 Mar 19:00 - Fri 31 Mar 19:00

A secret multi-course Japanese dinner with the feeling of a trip to Tokyo and where sounds and images blur the line between real and unreal.

Reach our secret location, sit at the same table with some perfect strangers and be ready for new flavours, emotions and conversations in an informal and relaxed environment.

Feel free to bring your own drinks and talk with anyone, after all, it's not a restaurant.

The dinner will start with a watercress salad with sesame dressing. The creamy, sweet and nutty dressing is made by blending sesame seeds, rapeseed oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. 
The smokiness and umami of katsuobushi (bonito flakes) adds complexity to the dish.

The next course will be the square-shaped, incredibly silky and firm Sanuki udon served with an umami-rich dashi broth, citrus-marinated Scottish smoked mackerel and mixed seaweeds.

The dinner will then continue with what is probably the most appreciated of our dishes: Scottish salmon marinated 24 hours in our homemade saikyo-miso, a marinade made of white miso, mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine) and sugar and then slow baked at low temperature for an incredibly tender and creamy texture.

The salmon will be served with our new Japanese short-grain rice, imported from Japan.
We cook it using imported rice cookers and use a low water-to-rice ratio to archive a firm texture.
We wash the rice 4 times to remove excess starch and let it stand in cold water for 60 minutes before cooking to let it absorb water while still raw, obtaining a more even firmness throughout the rice as result.

The last course will be a selection of Japanese sweets: matcha dorayaki (the Japanese interpretation of the pancake, filled with green tea powder custard), chocolate mochi (a thin layer of glutinous rice enclosing a chocolate ganache) and aka daifuku (a glutinous rice cake filled with anko, a sweet azuki bean paste)
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Location Released After Booking


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