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We are enabling your next mouth watering experience

There are no shortages of offerings out there, and we believe they play a large part in the future of gastronomic experiences. But, they’re also not the easiest to organize or find, so we’re helping everyone out. We’ve solved the pains for both sides of the pop-up restaurant market by providing a purpose-built integrated platform allowing Organizers to plan, sell and measure events and Guests to discover, book and share.

For our organizers...

...we’re redesigning the way you plan, execute, and follow-up on an event with a custom-made set of tools. Whether you’re an occasional host or a professional pop-up group, RSVP streamlines your work so you can focus on creating unique experiences again.

For our foodies...

...we’re your pocket concierge, curating a yummy list of pop-up food events from around the world to satiate your appetite. Fancy a one-off dinner on your weekend getaway to London? We have you covered. Planning a romantic surprise? The perfect meal is on RSVP. You never have to wade through countless sites again to find your next dining experience.

Eat around the world

We currently have events in cities across North America, Europe and Asia; including New York, San Francisco, London, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong. Watch this space as we’re looking to to expand to another 30 new cities in 2016!

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We are a mix of techie foodies from all around the world who just so happened to meet in Copenhagen, a city known for its innovative gastronomy. We’re also on the lookout to add to our network of Curators – tastemakers who help RSVP uncover and list culinary experiences worldwide.