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We recommend that your photo dimensions = 1200px x 600px landscape orientation.

In the event editor, go to the Seating section and click "Add Ticketing". To add a label to the ticket type, click the options (three vertical dots) and select "Show Ticket Labels". Enter the same date to ensure both ticket types relate to the same event date.

Choose "Optional Extras" in the Settings section of the event editor. A new section opens up further down, and you can add the extra details including price and whether the item is for purchase before or during the event.

Yes, you actually have a few options. The email you used to sign up as an Organizer will be shown as the contact email when guests make a booking. If you want to use a different email, fill in "Alternative Contact Email" in the Setting section of the event editor.

Guests can also reach out to you via our messaging tool, and you will be able to respond in the admin thereafter.

You have the option of sending a message to a specific guest, a group of guests, or all guests if you go to the Messages tab of an event in the admin.

Enter the minimum and maximum "Tickets per Booking" in the Settings section of the event editor.

Go to the Settings section of the event editor. Fill in the Timed Booking Start date and time fields from when bookings should be possible.

Did you select the currency under the Settings section of the event editor? You can find a dropdown menu with multiple currencies from which to select.

Check "Event is private" in the Settings section of the event editor. A new section called "Private Event" opens up below, where you can enter email addresses and corresponding access codes by clicking "Add Invitation." You can share the booking link along with the Access Code, which will be requested by the system when a guest books a ticket.

Enter the part after facebook.com/ without @. If you have more than one to enter, separate them with a space.

Note that the event setup is complete and the link can already be shared and is open for bookings. You can find the event URL by clicking the box with an arrow to the right of your event name in the admin. It looks like

To have the event appear and promoted on the RSVP website, choose "Submit Event for Publishing" in the drop-down options of the event card on your dashboard. The RSVP team will review the event setup after this. Our team will decide if an event qualifies to appear and be promoted on our site (this does not mean you cannot use the tools just because you are not published). If your event is approved for publishing, the Publish button will become active on the dropdown options of the event card. Click "Publish" for it to show on our site.

To start selling the event before it is approved, you can simply share the event URL with your database.

In the Bookings tab of your event, scroll to the bottom and click the Download Guestlist button. It will save a .csv file to your local drive.

In the "Bookings" tab of the event, you can find the complete list of bookings, including guest details and comments if you click on someone's name.

Guests usually add their dietary restrictions to the Comments section while making a booking. To view them, go to the "Bookings" tab in the event, and click on a guest's name to see the expanded details.

Under the "Bookings" tab of the event, you are able to edit a guest's booking info, cancel, and refund bookings with the three vertical dots on the right side of the guest details.

Once you have selected how many in the party to refund, RSVP will handle the rest. You are able to choose to notify the guest automatically.

In the "Event Details" tab of an event, you will see a quick overview of the Total Sales from using RSVP as well as the total number of seats you have for the event and how many of those are booked.

If you want to see what has been transferred to you, go to the "Payouts" tab of the event. You can find the complete overview of the person booking the ticket(s), the amount, and the transaction ID.

It is currently a manual process of writing to the guests on the waitlist and inviting them to book. This will be automated in the future, but for now you should just write to the ones you choose.

You can see the waitlist, if you opted to enable that feature, in the bottom of your "Bookings" tab.

Yes, you can. Simply add the handles with a space inbetween in the dedicated Social Media section during the event set-up. Remember to leave out the "@" for the handle.

It means that the guest has either attempted to book and not finalized the booking process to finish at a later stage - or the payment is still being verified or was rejected. As a follow up, it is best to send an "unconfirmed reminder" (found by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of a name.

If there should be a payment issue, please reach out to support@rsvp-popup.com.

No action is needed - the event listing will be checked within (max) 48 hours, usually 24 hours, and will be published if the listing meets our criteria.

Read our answer for "What do I do when I have input all data and the event is ready to go live?" to learn more.

Credit card payments (MasterCard + VISA), Giropay (please note that only selected banks are part of the Giropay method with Maestro), and AMEX in select countries.

Yes, in the second step during the event set-up, you will have the option to upload further pictures than just one cover photo, that will be shown in a carousel in the final event listing.

No, currently you can only add pictures to the photo carousel.

When you add a ticket type, you will have the option to select the "Add Multiple Bookings" option, where you can add the number of days first and the corresponding number of days between the tickets.

For example, for a 4-day event you choose "4" in the field, "Copies" and "1" in the field "Days between copies."

Yes, make sure to check the box "Copy confirmation email" in the Admin settings and provide your email address in the alternative contact email.

Under Profile settings in the main dashboard, you will find the option to customize the confirmation email.

You have two options:

1. Add the 5% to the ticket price and the guest covers the fee (Please make sure to check the box "Charge booking fee to guest."), or

2. The 5% fee will be deducted after the event from the total amount of funds you will receive.


Your booking is only confirmed when you receive a confirmation email from RSVP. Your bank may place a hold on the amount, which is released after a few days if you do not complete the booking. If you are unsure, you are always able to reach our team at support@rsvp-popup.com where we can confirm whether the transaction was successfully completed.

At the moment, you will need to create a separate booking and note in Comments that you are adding to an existing booking, if you wish to have everyone sit together.

We are working on enabling you to make adjustments to your existing bookings from your My Bookings section of your Guest Profile in the near future.

Many Organizers will indicate specifics in the description of the event. If you do not find the information there, you can contact the Organizer from the event details page by clicking the Contact Organizer link at the bottom.

If you are unsure about anything, you can also write RSVP at support@rsvp-popup.com , and our team would be happy to reach out to the Organizer on your behalf.

Not to worry. You can always contact the Organizer afterwards by visiting the My Bookings section of your Guest Profile. Next to the corresponding booking, you will see the option to Message Organizer.

We accept the range of Mastercard and Visa issued cards.

We do not accept American Express or PayPal.

If this is your first time making a booking on RSVP, your bank may have taken an extra precaution and flagged the payment transfer to a new merchant. We recommend giving your bank a call to confirm you wanted to make the payment.

If you are still having difficulties, feel free to contact our team from the Chat option on our website or write support@rsvp-popup.com .

All paid bookings on RSVP are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated by the Organizer. If the Organizer has not indicated a specific process to cancel your booking, we recommend that you visit the My Bookings section of your Guest Profile and make a request by clicking Message Organizer next to the relevant booking.

You should have received an automated confirmation email once you completed your booking. Check your spam folder as they occasionally land there. If you still cannot find the confirmation, please contact the Organizer to resend a copy of the confirmation.

If you are unable to reach the Organizer, you can write RSVP at support@rsvp-popup.com to assist you.

No, you do not need to bring a physical copy unless otherwise stated by the Organizer. You can also show the booking in My Bookings in your Guest Profile if there are any uncertainties.

We recommend contacting the Organizer with your question. Each event has different options.

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